Specialty Cheese


We offer the best cheeses from around the world in both bulk and pre-cut varieties. Finish off a salad or make a cheese board to remember. Whatever the need, we have you covered. Stop by for a taste anytime.







HoneyBee Goat Gouda

We all love this goat cheese! It is amazing what just a little honey can do to a goat’s milk cheese. This gouda has a light nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness, like honey roasted cashews. Honey Bee goat gouda is full of flavor….not too strong or too salty. It has a smooth texture making it easy to slice or cube. It’s a wonderful snacking cheese that even kids love!




Idyll Pastures

Idyll Pastures goat cheeses are produced locally in beautiful Leelanau County from pasture-fed goats. This delicious, award winning cheese is best described by Idyll Farms:

“It takes only 4 days to transform Northern Michigan’s great lakes pastures into the freshest goat cheese form. The result is a fluffy, white, marshmallow-like, sliceable, rindless round with a citrusy smooth, creamy tang that melts in your mouth.”




Prima Donna maturo is ripened longer than other Prima Donna varieties to reveal a distinctive piquant flavour and solid consistency. This cheese shows its true character when grated in Mediterranean dishes. It is delicious on a cheeseboard, good for grating, ideal for grilled cheese toppings and a good base for soups & sauces. It’s lactose and gluten free.