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July, 15, 2020

  • Please note, due to COVID-19 our store policy has been updated to help keep you and our employees safe.  No more than two people per cart and we ask that children under the age of 12 refrain from coming into the store until a vaccine is available. 

  • Anderson's Market does not offer public restrooms but Glen Arbor has three public restrooms all within walking distance from the store.  We have provided a list of locations and a walking map which can be viewed here.

  • We have limited hours on bottle returns.  Monday-Saturday you can return bottles with a Michigan 10 cent return from: 7AM-10AM. We do not offer bottle return on Sundays.  Leelanau School offers County Unsorted recycling.  We have provided a map here.

  • Face Masks Must Be Worn At All Times Inside The Store

July, 13, 2020

We are transitioning to only Debit Or Credit Card Sales Only.  The National Coin Shortage unfortunately has caught up to us in Glen Arbor and until more coin/cash is available, we will have to accept only Debit Or Credit Cards at this time.  We Appreciate your understanding during this time.  (National Coin Shortage In The News)

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